America's Obesity Crisis

I know this may seem like quite a statement, but unfortunately it is true. The latest statistics show that nearly 70% of adults in the United States are either overweight or obese. Unfortunately the largest jump has been in the obesity category! Diabetes rates are also going through the roof. Currently 7% of adult American's are diabetic.

A new report from Trust for America's Health, a nonpartisan advocacy group, and the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, found that not one state has reported a decrease in obesity. In fact, adult obesity rates have increased in 16 states in the past year.

"Obesity is one of the most challenging health crises this country has ever faced," said Jeff Levi, executive director of Trust for America's Health. "Twenty years ago, no state had an obesity rate higher than 15 percent. Now, only Colorado is below 20%." In other words, Colorado, which today is the state with the lowest obesity rate, would have had the highest in 1995. Southern states have the highest rates of obesity, and Mississippi tops the nation's list with 34% of its population being obese.

Obesity truly affects all aspects of the triangle of health. The physical, chemical, and emotional effects of obesity directly impact the health of our patients, our communities and our country.

We now offer a doctor supervised weight loss program featuring homeopathic HCG.

The HCG Diet is based off Dr. Simeons "Pounds and Inches - A New Approach to Obesity" and was previously only available in medical weight loss clinics. Until recently, it has been used almost exclusively by the jet set and rich and famous because of the cost. Access to HCG was very limited. Because of this the HCG diet was difficult to obtain and unaffordable for most people.

It is important to note, that these types of programs only be done under the supervision of a licensed health care provider who is using quality products and can monitor your progress and your dietary intake. It is also important to note that not all HCG is the same. Yes, you can buy "HCG" on the internet, however, the product is not always from a reputable source and may not have any HCG in it at all. Our HCG comes from a monitored lab that is certified by the FDA as a GMP facility, we monitor our patients progress and are always available for questions.

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