Hear what our patients say about us

I was an extreme skeptic regarding chiropractic care. Thinking nothing could help my neck and my overall aches and pains. After reviewing the x-rays and having Dr. Joe and his team educate me on how chiropractic works, they exceeded my expectations. After a few treatments I finally started to feel better and had more energy. I could finally start to turn my head without grueling cracking in my neck. I had a tough time focusing on my work and was constantly popping over the counter medicine to somewhat relieve the pain. As of today I take "Nothing". Even my sinuses feel tolerable which is odd for me. I was very cautious before I made the decision to seek Dr. Joe's treatments and did the research to make sure I was making the right choice which I truly did! Get educated and see how this can really help. I am truly amazed!- Robin

I chose your office because I saw my co-worker's life and health improve....I was most impressed with your love/joy/kindness and real concern for all of your patients, (you and) your entire staff is invested in my well-being. - L.F.

I am impressed by how thorough the exams and adjustments are. Much more complete than my previous chiropractor. Thanks! - C. T.

I am most impressed with your customer service, (the amount) care and concern for all of your patients. - M.D.

Dr. Joe is more than just a Chiropractor. He is a Doctor who heals, cares, listens and truly respects his patient. I have been to other Chiropractors over the years, and no one can compare to Dr. Joe in his level of knowledge, expertise, professionalism and patient care. If you want the best care possible, you need to see Dr. Joe for his outstanding care and treatment, and tremendous knowledge base on health issues. - L.K.

"I was so impressed with the quality of your care and service and your great attitude!" - J.T.

"I was skeptical about chiropractic... my boyfriend spoke very highly of you...I no longer limp with my left leg when I walk. I overall feel better! It's (chiropractic) great, everyone is very helpful and kind." - A.R.

"Since I have started care with Dr Joe, have have noticed an increase in my flexibility, I have fewer headaches and my anxiety levels have decreased." G.S.

"I have not had as many problems with acid reflux since I have been getting my mid-back adjusted!" - R.S.

"Since I have been coming I have noticed changes in my posture - for the better, I am more aware of areas of my health that were previously lacking. I am impressed with the incorporation of the therapies along with the adjustments. also the "total health" approach for treatment. - KG

" I had pain in both legs. I was not able to do the things I wanted to do because of the pain...(Now) pain is much less, Overall I do feel better" - SP

" I was skeptical... it (chiropractic) always scared me...I was impressed with your kindness...since I was scared, you made it all seem okay! :-) - CS

"I definitely sleep better and wake up feeling more rested... My menstrual cycles are less painful." - KG

"I have been a chiropractic patient most of my life, receiving regular adjustments for wellness and prevention, (my particular need is about once every 1-2 weeks) while I have never had any problems with my lower back, I did something stupid while working around the house and threw my lower back out. The very next day I was adjusted and able to go to work (I have a physical job) by day 2, I was adjusted again and back to my normal self with no residual effects from the injury! I can only surmise that my quick recovery with no lost time from work is due to receiving regular preventive care, this is what allowed for such a quick recovery! - J.D.

"Before beginning care my daughter was somewhat clumsy and according to to her eye doctor she had visual tracking issues... since beginning care she walks straighter, is more attentive and her reading has improved." - D. B.

"I no longer have to take Nexium..." R.R.

"I have been under a great deal of stress and I have not gotten sick!" M.A.

"Since beginning care I have much less pain, better range of motion... am now having regular bowel movements." - Anonymous

"...I was able to get off Vicodin!" - Yvonne R.

"Since beginning care my condition has showed overall improvement / deminished pain and improvement in range of motion, all this without the use of medications!...Dr. joe's approach to the patients overall health and genuine caring / concern for the individual as a whole is what has impressed me the most." - Mike N.

"Dr. Joe and Lisa along with the entire Chirosport team are such a wonderful group of people. I can't say enough how grateful I am to have given chiropractic another chance...I would recommend them to anyone. Dr. Joe is not just a chiropractor. He genuinely cares about his patients overall well being and works with you to insure you understand how to make your chiropractic care balance with the rest of your day to day living...I have seen wonderful and measurable results that I have never seen before." - Kris W.

"Thank you for the care... The care I was provided under my other doctors seemed to treat the symptoms not the cause. They were more interested in giving me medications that would only alleviate the symptoms and not really take care of the problem. At Chiropsport you take care of the body...since under your care, my migraines have reduced by 95% and I am able to snowboard and start working out at my normal level. Thank you and your staff for everything you have done for me...) - Dean

"After a year of coaching me past my fear and apprehension, my friend convinced me to call Dr. Joe. he spent the time I needed to educate me and reassure me. He started treatments very gently, it was vary comfortable, but noticeably effective...I would encourage anyone who is concerned with their ability to function normally, not to wait as I did and allow further degeneration. -Karen

"...for 3 months I suffered with my neck bothering me. I finally decided (with much encouragement from my wife) to see a doctor. My PCP gave me an MRI and diagnosed me with a herniated disc in my c5-c6. I was referred to a neurosurgeon. We decided to start physical therapy (as I wanted nothing to do with surgery)... over the next month and a half I went to two different physical therapists. They had me stretch, do muscle stimulation, traction, but nothing seemed to do much if any good. ... (I) feared surgery was imminent. I was referred to Dr. Joe... Dr Joe looked at my MRI, took x-rays, did a physical exam, and asked a lot of questions. After explaining the process and what to expect, he performed my first adjustment. After the very first adjustment I felt 150 times better than I had since it first started to hurt. By my fourth adjustment I felt great. My job put me through a rigorous physical to determine if I could go back to full duty. I passed and returned to full duty the next day. My neurosurgeon was impressed at my recovery and put Dr. Joe on a recommendation list....Dr. Joe got me back to living again." - Rick

"Dr. Joe is the best chiropractor I have ever met. If he doesn't have an answer to what ails you, he will take the time to find the answer. He truly cares for his patients and wants to help them in any way he can. I will always be grateful to Dr. Joe and Lisa for their high quality care." - Tamara

"I am writing to express my gratitude for your diagnosis of (my daughter's) TMJ disorder. ...As you know, our family approached chiropractic with extreme skepticism, but time and time again you have made believers of us. - Jolie