Back to School Tune-Up

Why get adjusted? 

There is no such thing as “normal” pain. Pain is the body’s way of letting you know there is something wrong. It is typically the last thing to show up and the first thing to go away.  It is our goal to keep your spine, joints, and muscles moving and functioning properly to keep you out of pain.

 Throughout the course of a day we naturally do a lot of repetitive movements/things whether it is sitting all day at the office, working on the computer or cell phones, sleeping in awkward positions, or taking long road trips with the family. These repetitive movements, or lack thereof, cause the joints of the spine, pelvis and extremities to get “locked” in to place and not moving properly. Initially you may feel nothing, but left untreated the muscles will eventually get tight and may leave you feeling stiff. If left for too long the stiffness will likely become soreness/pain. By that time it may take several adjustments to get you feeling back to normal. This is why I recommend that you continue to get adjusted even when you are feeling great. I will determine the areas of your spine and pelvis that are not moving properly, from your everyday life, and restore the motion with an adjustment before they start to hurt. The end result will be you living a happy, healthy, pain free life and being able to do the things you love without missing any time from being in pain.

Other benefits from being adjusted regularly:

·       Increased energy

·       Keep headaches away

·       Sleep better

·       Increased movement

·       Faster recovery from injury

What does the tune-up include? 

Head to toe checkup, adjustment, and electrical stim to get you back in the game and ready for your spring and summer activities. 

*Offer is for existing patients only (within the last 3 years). Insurance cannot be accepted for discounted rates. Call for additional information. 
Offer expires 9/31/2018



Customized treatment, so you can get back to doing what you love.

At Chirosport Chiropractic it is our mission to provide superior quality of evidence-based chiropractic care to patients of all ages to help them achieve their goals. We strive to provide patient-specific treatments, customized to each individual to ensure an optimal outcome and help patients get back to doing the things that they love.

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