What is Acute Care?

Is Acute Care right for me?

At Chirosport Chiropractic we have three different types of treatment plans: Chronic and Corrective Care, Acute and Relief Care and Maintenance and Preventative Care. Each one of these plans begins with an exam, but the plans created at each stage are very different. This blog post will focus on Acute and Relief Care, and the goal is to explain and help you better determine if Acute Care is the right treatment option.

What is Acute Care?

Our Acute Care is designed to help former patients get a ‘quick tune-up” after they have completed their longer Chronic and Corrective Care treatment. In many cases, individuals are in pain or discomfort and need a “quick fix” to relieve their pain. They may have tweaked something driving, playing with the kids or their pup, or aggravated something while playing sports or exercising. These can be new or previous symptoms, but do not require a long-term treatment plan. This type of care is designed to help you get out of pain and on with your life.

Depending on the person, this type of care will get patients out of pain and symptom-free in an average of  1-6 treatments.

Acute Care is usually covered by insurance, plans vary, so speak with the front desk to determine your fee. The cash patient price is $70. If you have a CHUSA membership, the cost is $49 per adjustment and additional discounts to family members. Learn more about the membership here.

Sarah Hunter