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Work/School Injuries

When we are in pain, we often are not performing at our best. Relieving pain and improving habits can lead to increased work and school performance. While many work and school-related injuries involve lifting or a fall, the majority of work-related soreness and pain is due to the repetitive nature of sitting and working on computers day after day for many years. If you are in pain or unable to perform your job duties to the best of your ability, it is important you seek the care you need.

At Chirosport Chiropractic, we treat not only joint injuries but can also help the healing process in your muscles and tendons. Acute or traumatic injuries, like those that happen while working, can cause sprains in your tendons and ligaments as well as strains in your muscles. These injuries can cause symptoms ranging anywhere from headaches to numbness and tingling to knee or elbow pain. Our treatment plans are developed to not only correct spinal dysfunction but to facilitate the healing process of the surrounding tissues.